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Tackle challenging fleet issues. Deliver winning solutions.

About Us

We are a Data Analytics company for the transportation industry helping fleets leverage their telematics data for bottom-line results.

Our solutions simplify the process of managing critical and time-consuming activities relating to key business issues such as safety, compliance, fuel, utilization, customer service, maintenance, and driver satisfaction and retention.

Fleetmetrica's platform uses predictive analytics to automatically determine when and where to take action in the fleet, and then makes this information available to the people that need it and in the way they want to receive it.

Our introductory product, called SafetyMonitor™, is an on-line safety monitoring solution that enables fleet owners and managers to easily monitor and control over-the-road performance using data drawn from a fleet's existing telematics devices. This patented solution enables fleets to leverage their electronic logging devices (ELDs) or on-board recorders for more safety and fuel benefits.