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US Patent No. 8948996

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"We saw a significant improvement in driver performance after we started using SafetyMonitor™."

KEN GEORGE, Safety & Compliance Manager,
McArthur Express

"Fleetmetrica's customer service is outstanding! They react quickly to any changes and issues we have and have customized the setup to our needs."

DAVE STRACHAN, Onboard Specialist,
Manitoulin Transport Inc.

On-Line Safety Monitoring Solution

SafetyMonitor™ is an on-line safety monitoring solution that offers a simple and easy way to monitor and control fleet safety.

Our solution substantially reduces the risk of incidents and accidents while lowering safety and operating costs typically associated with poor driving behavior. Using a user-friendly information dashboard, fleet owners, managers and drivers can access the drivers and/or equipment they are responsible for to monitor their performance.

SafetyMonitor™ is an enhancement to a fleet’s existing telematics devices or ELDs and that goes beyond the charting and reporting services typically offered by telematics suppliers. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the time involved in making sense of telematics data and ensures each setup is customized to a fleet’s needs for maximum benefits.

SafetyMonitor™ uses a patented algorithm to automatically organize, analyze and distribute information to people in the organization that need it to take appropriate follow-up action. We offer our solution as a monthly subscription service using a device-agnostic platform that can integrate with any type of telematics device or sensor(s) a fleet uses in their operation.

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Covid-19 Tracker for Truckers

VirusTracker™ is an on-line contact-tracing solution that offers a simple and easy way to track and minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus within a fleet.

Our solution enables drivers and fleet owners to immediately identify drivers who may have come in contact with an infected driver. These drivers may be at risk of inadvertently spreading the virus. VirusTracker™ effortlessly enhances the ability to track exposure to the virus within the fleet so that appropriate follow-up action can be taken.

VirusTracker™ uses a proprietary technology that matches an infected driver’s whereabouts while on the job with associated interactions among drivers and equipment within the fleet and makes this information available to fleet owners and drivers through web-based and mobile applications.